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Structural Stimulation of the Musculoskeletal System to Enhance Mobility and Healing


This method was specially developed for professional ballet dancers, for whom an optimum level of physical presence is absolutely essential.

Intensive work with professional ballet dancers requires an effective method of treatment that ensures a high degree of mobility, elasticity, power, and stamina and facilitates the fast regeneration of the sensitive musculoskeletal system.

The structural stimulation method I use is specifically tailored to meet these needs and follows the philosophy of classic massage, osteopathy and physiotherapy. The techniques employed are complex, incorporate a variety of massage modalities, take a holistic approach and are designed to treat the cause rather than the symptoms.

Structural work in this connection means to work with tactile techniques in order to detect conditions of the musculoskeletal system; it draws on a comprehensive background knowledge of bodily functions while conducting a careful tactile observation of reactions and changes in the body. In this way, structural work is performed in layers, from the superficial muscular system to the underlying joints and bones, to identify and relieve areas of tension and blockages in the joints. It is helpful in restoring balance between the tensile forces of the muscles, ligaments and fasciae.

With this stimulation method, intuitive perception is essential – to do things by the rule book would not meet the requirements of this very successful practice. Rather, it is based on mutual
non-verbal communication, action and reaction between the therapist and patient. During the whole treatment the therapist focuses attention on tissue tensions and the body’s own rhythm between tension and relaxation. Depending on the actual condition, techniques and tempo are tailored to the dancer’s specific needs.

One of the big advantages of this method is that it can be applied to all groups, be they athletes or ordinary clients.

The "Structural Stimulation" can produce a whole range of benefits:

  • increases mobility and promotes recovery through stimulation of the fasciae, muscular system, tendons, ligaments and joints
  • improves tissue respiration
  • improves the flow of fluids and thereby the harmonic circulation within the body
  • releases fascial disorder, e.g. restrictions, structural imbalances, etc.
  • restores the natural posture of the muscular system
  • facilitates the range of motion of the joints through the relief of the surrounding tension caused by muscles, tissues, skin, etc.
  • enhances the quality of the muscles by releasing adhesions and reducing friction

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Peter Kreil
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