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- The Fascial Distortion Model
- Strain-Counterstrain
relaxation massages
- deep tissue massage   based on Marnitz
- Kinesio Taping®
- foot reflexology massage
  combined with stretching
- lymphatic drainage
- Repuls® – therapy with   pulsed cold red light

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I am a professional masseur and licensed massage therapist. Already as an apprentice I profited from my teacher's extensive knowledge and international experience. From this profound basis I have deepened my knowledge through intensive, advanced training, which I see as a continuous process that needs a both playful and serious approach.

Various diplomas, for instance in lymphatic drainage, classic massage, Marnitz therapy, sports therapy massage, deep tissue massage, spinal exercises, and functional techniques used on pelvis und joints, all attest to my conviction that the optimum treatment incorporates a variety of techniques tailored to the specific needs of my clients or patients.


From 1988–2010 I worked as a self-employed masseur, running the Volksgarten Sauna. For more than twenty years my steady clients have not only been sauna guests but my treatment room also became the place to go for international ballet dancers, artists and athletes, for whom the optimum level of physical presence is absolutely essential. For ten years I have also been in charge of the ballet ensemble of the Landestheater Salzburg, among others.

I am well connected with international experts who work on applying the techniques and new findings of sports medicine to the area of dance. Whenever I expand my professional skills, each client feels the benefits.

My current working environment as a self-employed massage therapist is the Private Health Club, and this setting emphasises to me what a great and fascinating challenge the combination of movement and massage can be.

In addition, I work as an organisator and offer advanced training courses for Kinesio® taping.

types of massage:

  • NEW !!
    The Fascial Distortion Model (FDM)

    The Fascial Distortion Model (FDM) is a specific medical approach which attributes the cause of physical afflictions and impaired motor function to one or several of six typical forms of fascial distortion in the human organism. As soon as the distortion is corrected, an effective and comprehensively measurable treatment of pain and restricted mobility is possible.
    In FDM, the diagnostic process is based on three pillars of analysis. Particular attention is directed at a patient’s body language when describing pain. Intuitive gestures, when correctly interpreted, are direct indicators of fascial distortions. They show directly the way how should be treated.
    The principles of FDM can be applied to a variety of different medical areas and expand the diagnostic options doctors and physiotherapists have at their disposal. FDM enables an effective treatment of patients presenting with a variety of medical diagnoses, but at the present time, the FDM approach is primarily chosen for musculoskeletal complaints and chronic pain.

  • NEW !!

    Strain-Counterstrain is a method of treatment of osteopathy, founded by Dr. Lawrence Jones (USA). Strain-Counter, gentle osteopathy.
    Due to the softness of the method makes it particularly suitable for the treatment of painful musculoskeletal problems and often achieves immediate relief of pain and increase joint mobility.
    The method uses tender points – these are certain indicator or reflex points of her symptoms. These are found by the therapist and stimulated at the same time the affected joint is moved passively toward relaxation and pain reduction. The reflex effect of this treatment instantly lowers the basic tonus of the brain area, the pain lessens and the mobility is increased.
  • relaxation massages
    - partial massage 25 min
    - full body massage 50 min

  • deep tissue massage based on Marnitz
    Established method using small-area massaging strokes to treat afflictions of the musculoskeletal system combined with stretching, periosteum and fascia techniques as well as functional techniques used on pelvis and joints. Moreover, it effectively influences the internal organs via the autonomous nervous system.

  • Kinesio taping®
    Developed by Kenzo Kase over 30 years ago, this elastic cotton tape does not contain any active substances but instead is effective through its elasticity, the way it is applied to the skin and in combination with movement. It lifts the skin softly and at the same time stimulates the tissue by movement, which reduces tissue pressure, relieves congestion and helps lymphatic fluid circulate. As a result it improves and stimulates your metabolism. Kinesio taping® therapy is used to treat lymphatic obstruction, bruises, injuries, or muscle and joint disorders. Giving free range of motion, it improves position-movement sensation, alleviates pain and speeds up healing in scar tissue. Online-Shop:

  • foot reflexology massage combined with stretching techniques
    Application of pressure to the feet with thumb techniques in order to effect a physical change in the body through the stimulation of the reflex zones. Since areas of the feet reflect an image of our whole body, this form of therapy has a positive effect on organs, spine, lymph glands, etc.

  • lymphatic drainage
    Addressing areas of oedema with a light touch, this technique helps remove congestion, reduces swelling, haematoma, …

  • Repuls® – therapy with pulsed cold red light
    A medical device that emits cold light, since the principles underlying this special treatment do not require the delivery of heat. The light gently penetrates deep into the tissue, triggering a reaction that interferes with the biochemical processes of inflammatory mediators without causing adverse skin reactions or side-effects.
    Repuls® is used to treat chronic and acute disorders resulting from various forms of tendon pathologies, such as tendinitis or tenosynovitis, and is applied to fresh injuries; it alleviates pain and facilitates post-operative rehabilitation.


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Peter Kreil
massage therapist
professional masseur

Nonntaler Hauptstraße 43
5020 Salzburg, Austria
mobile: +43-664-3360361

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